How To Become A Member

Please Note: Our external waiting list is full and we are not accepting applications or holding orientations at this time. We have no subsidy available.

The Membership Committee holds regular orientation sessions twice a year typically in the fall and in the spring. Please note that no orientations will be held when wait-lists are closed.

  1. Contact the Management Office to sign up for a membership orientation session to learn more and to ensure co-op living is right for you!
  2. Complete a paper based or on-line membership application either before or after attending an orientation.
  3. Co-op staff complete landlord and credit cheques on all completed applications. All applicants over the age of 16 need to fill out the application form entirely, sign, include acceptable proof of income, landlord information and a $20.00 processing fee (cheque, money order, or debit payment to the management office).
  4. Co-op staff will notify prospective members 2-3 weeks ahead of the next orientation date.
  5. After the orientation session applications are forwarded to the Board for approval; The office will notify you in writing of the success of your application, and, at this time your name is added to the appropriate waiting list.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applicants who have not completed an orientation will not be considered.

Additional Charges

Parking – $107.00 / mth

Common Room / Party Room Rental is $100.00 per booking.

Housing Charges

1 Bedroom

592 Sq Ft
$1,066.00 Monthly

2 Bedroom

706 Sq Ft
$1,290.00 Monthly

2 Bedroom

730 Sq Ft
$1,301.00 Monthly

2 Bedroom

753 Sq Ft
$1,301.00 Monthly